Protective Mothers

Basket case or protective mother?

Image result for loving motherContrary to the untrue claims the paedophile-parent made about his former wife (the protective parent), she was an accomplished business-woman, an active community worker and a loving mother.  In fact, this protective mother :

Will Dr Pridgeon end up with compo?

It sometimes “pays” to fight City Hall. In 2007, during the reign of John Howard, the lowly visa-holder Dr Muhhamed Haneef had some big names arrayed against him — Attorney General Philip Ruddock and Commonwealth DPP Damian Bugg, not to mention the heavily-armed AFP.

Muhamed Haneef had entered Australia on a special program for foreign doctors. He worked at Gold Coast Hospital and ventured home to India when his wife gave birth.

I wonder if his arrest was meant for show. “EVERY COUNTRY’S GOT TO HAVE A MUSLIM TERRORIST.” They picked him up at Brisbane airport in 2007 for terror-related activities – Australia’s first quarry after the passage of the 2005 anti-terrorism laws.

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