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Dr Pridgeon, on Federal Police, calls a spade a spade

I A banner from a supporterwas at the Brisbane Magistrate’s court on Friday when Dr William Russell Pridgeon, Patrick O’Dea, and several others had to make an appearance for their court case. (These good men were arrested in October 2018 for protecting children.)  A vigil had been organised for the day, and many people had flown in from all over the country to attend.

A red carpet was rolled out, and there were a number of banners calling for a Royal Commission, protection of children, and a banner reading Operation No Ethics — referring to the charges laid against them (as part of the Australian Federal Police Operation Noetic).

After a two year investigation, and six months post-arrest, they are seeking to further delay the proceedings. In court, the prosecutor sought a four-week adjournment, saying that they had only completed about 80 per cent of the brief of evidence — which was about 40 gigabytes of material, and that more forensic examination of the computers needed to be done.

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Criminal actions and the destruction of evidence

We all understand the principle that the children of financially successful parents benefit enormously in so many ways. So as I write this today (24 November, 2018), there are now 73 responders — seven spent more than $351,000, and four more than $750,000 trying to protect their child/children. 31 lost their homes.  It does not escape me that these children are being disadvantaged by the court system in so many ways.

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Threats to the protector for telling the truth

“These orders are barbaric, cruel and wicked, this Judge should go to jail.”

The words from a grandmother. After reading through her answers, and how many people clearly disregarded the law: police, social workers, the ICL (Independent children’s lawyer), court reporters, a psychiatrist —  it looks like many “should go to jail.” (More of that in Part 4.)

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Supporting good people - Let’s start with Dr Russell Pridgeon

If you live in Victoria, Australia, you will have seen all the election advertising on television for the upcoming State election.

We have used their format to expose the insanity and corruption that some people have endured. They were helping children that had been sexually abused — their voices ignored and rejected by the courts. (It’s a 38 second video.)

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The Believers vs Non-Believers and the Spineless

Does the kid need to go onstage at the next school play to disclose what happened to him/her?   Maybe then they might be believed by the court? 

This Part 2 concerns a “numbers game“. How many people did the child tell?  How many people believed? How many cases involve the child being believed and yet help was not forthcoming? And how many were preventing the child being helped?

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Would you throw away $750,000 for a false allegation?

Will just one politician extend a hand?  Just one.

It has been just over a week since I posted a questionnaire – “the Survey” – to my Melbourne website  It asks responders to record accurately their experience with Australia’s Family Court and with various groups charged with protecting children.

I can honestly say, the responses I have seen so far are SHOCKING.

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To think Australia has come to this: Official Kidnapping

I will be providing a detailed and up-to-date summation and analysis of the Family Court Survey, but in the meantime, as a Christmas greeting, I will lay out (anecdotally) some of what I have learned in the last few months (and a thank you to those tenacious people who have been educating me). In Gumshoe’s articles on this Family Court sexual abuse issue, many accusations are against fathers who have a predilection to abusing their children — and in some cases is sharing the child with others.

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State Kidnapping, and the Child Exploitation Industry

I posted the raw data from the Survey yesterday (2 January, 2019). It recorded responses from people whose children had been sexually abused, and how their case was treated in the Family Court in Australia.

What can I say? The results of the Survey are truly shocking. An atrocity played out every day in courts and in child protection departments across Australia.

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