Watching the Watchers

State Kidnapping, and the Child Exploitation Industry

I posted the raw data from the Survey yesterday (2 January, 2019). It recorded responses from people whose children had been sexually abused, and how their case was treated in the Family Court in Australia.

What can I say? The results of the Survey are truly shocking. An atrocity played out every day in courts and in child protection departments across Australia.

“Horrendous” vs Not-to-be-believed.

On January 1, 2019, the Herald Sun ran a headline: “Girl indecently assaulted during New Year’

s Eve celebrations in Melbourne.” According to the Herald Sun:

“A young girl [younger than a teenager] was sexually assaulted in Flinders St just after midnight in the middle of the New Year’s celebrations… [she] was with her family at the time when the incident occurred…

“[Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton] did not describe the circumstances of the assault, or provide the girl’s age, but said the offending was ‘horrendous‘.”

I’m sure it was. We have no details. Was she grabbed and fingered? I would be interested to know what the Deputy Commissioner would describe as horrendous.

But let me describe another truly horrendous assault on a young girl (younger than 9-years-old). She was cut in the rectum by her pedophile abuser — this disclosed to a police officer. She was also threatened with her life. The account by this young girl is easily proven.

But that incident was not described as HORRENDOUS. The judge actually said it was “just not credible.”

Welcome to the Family Court.

Before I discuss the Survey results, lets compare Australia with the US.

US — Child Trafficking

Michael Dolce is the author of a Newsweek article entitled: “WE HAVE SET UP A SYSTEM TO SEX TRAFFIC AMERICAN CHILDREN.” I agree, they have. To quote:

“The frequency of child sex abuse is a true epidemic. Since at least 2000, the U.S. Department of Justice has reported that some 67 percent of all sexual assaults are committed against victims under 18 years old… child sexual abuse cases number approximately 58,000 per year in recent years…

“Here’s the ugly truth: most Americans who are victims of sex trafficking come from our nation’s own foster care system. It’s a deeply broken system… Most people don’t know about our nation’s foster care to sex trafficking pipeline…”

Consider the now deceased Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, and how she fought against the CPS abuse and corruption. She was a leading voice against the CPS abuses, until she was murdered — in what authorities say was a murder suicide committed by her husband. Sure! (see govtslaves.)

In 2007, Nancy Schaefer wrote a report to the Georgia Assembly that detailed the abuses she uncovered:

“… I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair.

“The Department of Child Protective Services, known as the Department of Family and Children Service (DFCS) in Georgia and other titles in other states, has become a “protected empire” built on taking children and separating families.

“This is not to say that there are not those children who do need to be removed from wretched situations and need protection. This report is concerned with the children and parents caught up in “legal kidnapping,” ineffective policies, and DFCS who do does not remove a child or children when a child is enduring torment and abuse.” [The report]

Welcome to the Family Court of Australia. The exact same thing is happening here — and it is no less than straight-out ABDUCTION.

Australia’s State Kidnapping

Kidnapping? In the few cases I have now investigated, there is no other word to describe what has happened. Children have been unlawfully removed by the State. I obtained a professional opinion on one case. This person pointed out judicial imprudence, and so many procedural errors, that the removal of the child should NEVER have happened.

I’ve looked through all the details, and it is abundantly clear that the protective mother’s lawyer was not working for her. In this instance, the decisions by the department and the court are so extraordinary and bizarre, one has to presume that the judge, the attorney, the police officer, the DCP social worker, the ICL (“independent children’s lawyer,”), and the abuser were all working in concert!

Summary of the Survey — My Analysis

Who DID believe children?  Family members mostly (58 out of 71). Only 2 judges believed the child. 49 people said the judge did not believe their child’s disclosures. Wow this is so extraordinary that family court judges did not believe the children.

Yet in more than half the cases in the Survey, the child had disclosed his/her plight to 7 or more people.

The time and money spent fighting the system is staggering, too. Nearly half lost a home trying to fund their pursuit of safety for the kid.

97% of the responders said crucial evidence was disregarded. 56% actually reported that evidence was DESTROYED. 17 people said the Judge destroyed the evidence, or ordered that evidence be destroyed.

53 (of 66 who answered the question) said a psychiatrist claimed that they were “coaching” (i.e., trying to sway or enhance the child’s version), and 43 believed someone in authority was trying to “coach” their child to admit to less, or no abuse.

The responders reported that many people CHANGED, or FALSIFIED REPORTS. This included: the police (17), Social workers (12), Child Protective Services (26), ICL — independent child lawyer (28), Court reporters (25), Court-appointed psychiatrist (16), Court appointed experts (15), and judges (21).

34 responders claim to have physical evidence of this corruption. I can only say that there seems to be an acceptance (a culture) of modifying reports.

And then there’s STATE BLACKMAIL.

To my question, “What “punishment” would be put on you, if you did bring forward more accounts or evidence of abuse? Most answers were simple: If they persisted with abuse claims, nearly all were threatened that they’d “never see their kids again.”

I hope you are beside yourself after reading that. I certainly was horrified. How dare the state make such a threat!

Almost everyone was put into debt by this process, but in my trick question, “If you only had ONE choice — what OUTCOME would you vote for?” hardly anyone ticked that they wanted financial compensation. Most wanted prosecutions and jailings – preferring this also over a Royal Commission.

And what about the children?

In a question about the emotional state of the child, 65 people answered the question. 73% (48) said their children now had behavioral problems (e.g., anger); 16 kids had run away (24.6%); 32, nearly 50% (49.23%) were suicidal or had talked about suicide, and 38% (25) were in fear of their lives.

Could it get any worse?


The departments of child protection and the family court are carefully constructed to protect pedophile behaviour, and in doing so the system becomes a safe-haven for child exploitation, local child trafficking, satanic activities, and most likely it is protecting a child porn industry.

In reading the written answers, there was a common factor: that persons representing the courts and departments acted against the protective parent. Was this because they chose not to believe the child? No, I don’t think so. In some cases the abuse is so obvious. So, I think many in authority did believe that abuse occurred, but acted against the child anyway. There are definitely other factors at play. Money for exploitation could be one.

However, one important aspect emerged in reading some of the notes, and by talking to some of the responders personally. They recall those that acted against them seemed to have got significant gratification when they succeeded in tearing the child away from them — the protective parent. (I chose the word gratification with care, as this best describes what I was told. Definition: “a source of pleasure, or great satisfaction.”) This is seriously disturbing behaviour from those working in child “protective” services.

Another comment was that those in the system treat this as a “game.”

Satanic Activities: When constructing the questions for the survey, I decided not to delve into the subject of ritual abuse – meaning abuse that occurs during a rite or ritual, most of which have to do with satanic or Luciferian cults.  The Prime Minister, however, in his October 22, 2018 apology to the victims did say that many were victims of ritual abuse. I will have to let the reader speculate on the likelihood that the sex-trafficking I discovered has some element of Satanism in it from the written responses.

To modify Dolce’s Newsweek title, the title of this article could be: “WE HAVE SET UP A SYSTEM TO SEX TRAFFIC AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN.”

Quashing Section 121

Section 121 of the Family Law Act is, I believe, the kicker. It tells Australians that they must not divulge any proceedings that are before the Family Court.

Can this mean we must not reveal governmental crime?  As Mary W Maxwell is fond of pointing out in her Gumshoe articles, “It is a crime to prevent the reporting of crime.”

Every politician in Canberra who has now seen the results of The Survey should hasten to repeal Section 121.  They must stop gagging protective parents, which is a mechanism for concealing  imprudence, malfeasance and criminality.

I know several people have written to State Ministers of Child Protection over a dozen times with desperate pleas, but never got a response. They don’t seem to care for children.

I can see the court punishing — as they do — one protective parent for speaking out. If 5 people speak out it becomes a problem. Canberra would most likely put out a rebuttal of some sort. If 20 people spoke out, it would become political talking point. But if 50 people spoke out simultaneously, then it would a political crisis.

One Suggestion

I suggest that someone be assigned to confirm 50 people who are willing to go public.

They should prepare video testimony, statutory declarations, and documentation that allege malfeasance in each case — these to be uploaded to a private website.

Then on an arranged date those many persons should violate Section 121 and go PUBLIC — via arranged press conferences (streamed live) across the main cities in Australia — timed with the website going live.

I may be wrong, but could Australia and its representatives ignore 50 cases (or more) of malfeasance and alleged criminality by the police, the departments of child protection and the family court, and not change things?

This will prove who they are representing.

And what would happen if the website remained ‘open’ and transparent for further aggrieved persons? The government would not only have to deal with an army of angry parents, but would have to contend with a well-deserved public lashing.

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