Watching the Watchers

The Syndicate of Child Protectors’ brother speaks out

Remember the salient points of Russ’s speech people:

This case is not about child stealing, it is about child protection.

There is no law in Australia against protecting children from rape. We are not criminals. We have a right to protect our children.

We have a right to protect our children even against court orders [that lead to] sexual abuse. Family Court orders… We have a duty to protect our children. If we didn’t protect these children we would be breaking the law.

The people who have abused these children are not being charged, they are being protected, they are being protected by the AFP.

The AFP knows the full effect of these children’s abuse. They have access to the police databases. They have taken our computers, they’ve taken all our documentation, and that documentation that was leaked with the description and evidence of the children’s abuse. Yet they do nothing, yet they continue to lie about the children’s abuse. They say the abuse did not occur, it occurred!!!

This wasn’t a bona-fide investigation. It was a coverup.

Raping children is a crime. It is an abomination. Ordinary decent Australians regard it with horror and disgust, but the AFP apparently do not.

It is a crime to hide a crime.

If we choose to disbelieve the children, then we commit the perfect crime.

This is a very dark moment in the history of the Australian Federal Police. Their behaviour is appalling. They have shamed Australia.

What a cracker of a speech! My brother is well known for many good things – on Friday he added orator to the growing list of his many amazing attributes!