Watching the Watchers

Open letter to the Attorney General for Australia, the Honourable Christian Porter MP:

‎Please Sir, I beg you to do the right thing by your electorate, your Country, and your good name!

According to Wikipedia, the Attorney-General for Australia is the First Law Officer of the Crown in right of the Commonwealth of Australia, chief law officer of the Commonwealth of Australia and a Minister of the Crown. His role is described as follows: The Attorney-General is the minister responsible for legal affairs, national and public security.

The Attorney-General also serves as a general legal adviser to the Cabinet, and has carriage of legislation dealing with copyright, human rights and a range of other subjects.

By now you MUST be aware of the massive storm brewing in the Brisbane and other Family Courts throughout Australia…. where protective parents and professionals are being vilified, and needlessly prosecuted (is persecuted perhaps a better word?) for standing up against judges who are forcing children to spend time with or even live with the same perpetrator they have openly identified to have raped them.

We, the public, respectfully but forcibly DEMAND that you intervene in the farcical prosecution of Dr Russell Pridgeon, Patrick Finbar McGarry O'Dea, Ann Greer, Ariel Marguin, Arthur Doubleday and anybody else who has been indicted for protecting Australia’s children.

Two statutes, one Federal and one Queensland DEMAND that Australian Citizens MUST intervene where they SUSPECT that paedophilic activity or potential harm to children exists.

Simply put Sir, THESE PEOPLE DID NOT BREAK ANY LAWS. It is painfully obvious to anyone aware of the REAL FACTS of this case, that all charges MUST be withdrawn. Immediately.

The Australian Family Court legal protocols and Judges are protecting paedophiles, and this must stop now.

Many people in Australia already know that Dr Russell Pridgeon, Patrick Finbar McGarry O'Dea, Ann Greer, and Ariel Marguin were NOT part of a criminal network abducting children, as was reported by the AFP and the Press. They are good, honourable, kind, heroic men and women who are risking their own freedom by helping protect children who were ordered by the Australian Family Law Courts to spend unsupervised time and or live with the person they identified as their sexual abuser. It’s time for you to stand up and to do what’s right Mr Porter. With the way this case is building in the public eye, there can be no more sitting on the fence and remaining quiet. You’re either protecting children - or you’re enabling paedophiles.

Please order that all charges be dropped Mr Porter. It’s as simple as that.

Thank you Sir.


Dr John Pridgeon
Very Proud Brother of The Most Honourable Men I know, Dr William Russell Massingham Pridgeon, and Patrick Finbar McGarry O’Dea.