The Syndicate of Child Protectors’ brother speaks out

Remember the salient points of Russ’s speech people:

This case is not about child stealing, it is about child protection.

There is no law in Australia against protecting children from rape. We are not criminals. We have a right to protect our children.

We have a right to protect our children even against court orders [that lead to] sexual abuse. Family Court orders… We have a duty to protect our children. If we didn’t protect these children we would be breaking the law.

The people who have abused these children are not being charged, they are being protected, they are being protected by the AFP.

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Kidnap ring plans to take kids to NZ: AFP

A kidnapping ring that helped jilted mothers abduct their children was modifying a boat to smuggle their captives to Tasmania and then on to other nations, the Australian Federal Police say.

Three men and a woman have been charged for their alleged role in the group, which helped parents abduct and conceal their children - sometimes for years - by dyeing their hair and setting up false identities.

Among them is Grafton GP William Russell Massingham Pridgeon, who founded the Australian Anti-Paedophile Party.

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AFP officer charged with child exploitation offences

A federal police officer and his twin brother have been arrested and charged after police discovered hundreds of videos of child exploitation material in their Canberra home.

Joshua Rod Tiffen and Kenan Lee Tiffen, both 41, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday charged with one count each of possessing child exploitation material.

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Fallout from Pridgeon’s Case: Any doctors want to stand up and be counted?

Dear Members of the Medical Licensing Board of the State of New South Wales

Greetings from New Hampshire, USA

My late husband George Maxwell, MD (Edinburgh) was the founding professor of Child Health (later called Paediatrics) at the University of Adelaide.

He was a particularly good man and he understood most of his colleagues to be particularly good. Since George was quite the discerner of human nature, I am inclined to think he judged the situation correctly.  Thus, I deduce there must have been a special atmosphere in the profession that imparted high ideals.

He retired in 1988 and I have no idea what happened after that but surely the magic has gone.  How do I know? I know because so many doctors have failed to help abused children and have gone along with an outrageous trend whereby the Family Courts of Australia hand the child over to a sex-abusing parent.

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