Watching the Watchers

Criminal Syndicate exposed by Patrick and Russell

Image result for child abuserSee the letter below written by Dr Russell Pridgeon, which explains in graphic, accurate detail WHY children in Australia remain unprotected against sexual abuse. I will be there are a few things regarding this issue that you did not know. Read and be APPALLED!!!

Every parent should make a plan to support these brave child protectors, who must now face ridiculous charges, simply because they could and would not look the other way….


It is as a consequence of my personal experiences when trying to protect an abused child, that I have been made aware how the Australian child protection system fails sexually abused children.

Research shows that one child in 3 will experience contact sexual abuse before the age of 18yrs. Only 30 per 1000 victims will disclose their abuse to anyone in their lifetimes. Of those that disclose, 10% will obtain a prosecution, and 10% of those will obtain a conviction. For a major crime, the conviction rate is extremely low. The consequences for the victim are appalling, and lifelong. Victims do very badly on a multitude of social indicators, including a suicide rate of 17 times normal.

The vast majority of abusers (95-98%) are family members or well known to the family. “Stranger danger” is relatively rare.

The reality is that in Australia today successfully prosecuting a child sexual abuser is a practical impossibility.

The barriers to successful prosecution are so great, the culture of cynical disbelief of a child's disclosures is so universal, the court environment is so hostile to child/adult witnesses, that most victims are re-traumatised trying to obtain justice.

The Family Court of Australia is a particular nightmare for child victims and their protective parents. It is a common refuge for child abusers: as soon as the child discloses abuse, the abusive parent takes the matter to the Family Court. As soon as that happens the Police and the Child Protective Services immediately stop the investigation. There is no reason in law for them to do this, but it happens every time.

The abusers solicitor then represents in court that the Police have dropped the investigation because their client is innocent, and the nightmare begins: the abusers solicitor asserts that the child's disclosures are false, and that the child only alleged abuse because he/she was coached or trained to do so by the protective parent, who is acting maliciously.

The court does not request or require evidence or proof of this coaching"", so the allegation of abuse becomes it's own proof. The court then finds that the protective parent is an Alienating Parent", and Emotionally Abusive", and the Judge removes the child from the protective parent, and gives custody to the abuser.

The protective parent is often prevented from seeing the child for several months to a year, to "sanitise: the child, before being allowed supervised contact for a couple of hours a week. This outcome is completely baffling for an outsider, until one realises how completely this prevents the child from disclosing ongoing abuse.

The grief and horror that envelops the life of the protective parent is highly traumatising: it is meant to be: Protective parents are physically, psychologically, financially destroyed by the effort of trying to protect their beloved children: most parents are so traumatised that their ability to effectively oppose this corrupt system is minimal: the corrupt court officials are safe: protected by the gagging legislation: section 121, and the abuser is free to continue their abuse.

This is why we need a Royal Commission into the Family Court: THE CURRENT LAW NEEDS TO BE DRASTICALLY CHANGED!!!

By John Pridgeon